Cheat-sheet for Brisbane Restaurants 布市餐馆一览

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For a connoisseur, I suggest Japanese (a few listed below), Muslim food (e.g. Ahmet's at Southbank) , or Korean restaurants. For Asians, the list below gives you some selections.

I recommend Pinelands shopping plaza. It recently adds some nice Korean, Indian, restaurants in addition to the popular Endless Noodles (Chinese). I have tried the newly openned Indian restaurant . named Curry Hit. It offers good lunch.

Korean: Midam 味谈, Goong, TOBAKI BBQ in Gowan Village.

Vietnam Beef Noodle: Little TaiPei, or Pho Hien Vuong (兴记)

Chinese: 九碗半, 佳乡, 绿茶屋, 千里香私房菜

For pizza lovers, unfortunately La Porckette is too far away from Garden City or Griffith Uni.



Middel Eastern




Tie 2 or to be Tried